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Betcee of May

Species: Human   Strength: 12 Betcee of May
Race: Alignment: Lawful Good Dexterity: 14
Sex: F Class: Magice User 9 (10) Constitution: 14
Birth: 1111 2nd Age Profession: Stamina: 14
Origin: May, Faloki Islands Intellect:18 (21)
Height: 5' 9" Sexual Orientation: Charisma:18 (21)
Weight: 120#   Spirit: 5
Body Type:   Magice: 18 (21)
Hip/Waist/Chest:   Loyalty: 17
Hair: Dark Brown   Determination:18
Eyes: Green   Compassion: 16  
Skills, Proficiency & Magice
Weapon Proficiency: Staff
Armor Proficiency: Cloth
Special Equipment: The Great Crystals (Necklace, Earrings, Broach) , Occular Concentrator (artifact), Orbos (wand), Lanajia's Regalia
Special Skills: Acting 4, Alchemy 3, Animal Communication 4, Cooking 5, Enchanting 5
Special Abilities:  
Spells: Acid Fog, Arcane Blast, Command, Disspell Magice, Dominate, Energy Drain, Fabricate, Fear, Fly, Freedom, Hold, Invisibility II, Lightning Ball, Lightning Bolt, Move Earth, Rain, Resist Magice, Shield, Sleep

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