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Welcome to Bare Maidens, a fantasy world based on books, movies, and role playing games. Created with pride by gamers, fantasy fans, and lovers of beautiful women, Bare Maidens is an erotic collection of images, movies, maps, characters, items and stories. We strongly emphasize high quality, our goal is to deliver the best erotic fantasy on the web in an emersive world. Press the play button above to preview some of our photos. Continue the free tour to preview our movies.

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March 15, 2017


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Since 2006, Bare Maidens has been updated with new content. There are currently 268 female characters, 109,226 images, and 104 movies in the member's section and growing. Members may view and download images and movies in low or high res, and whole sets of images can be downloaded as a single zip file. We are busy creating a new generation of content, in 4K, and with much more plot. Soon, the site will be redesigned with many more sections and options.

The site is devided into 6 main sections: Characters, Galleries, Theatre, Maps, Story, and Behind The Scenes. It's a combination of your favorite fantasy games, movies, and books, but with some major differences; our world features real women, and they bare it all. It's like WoW nude, but real. We grew up playing D&D, reading LOTR, playing WoW and watching GoT. We're gamers, and we wanted to see some beautiful real women in fantasy settings, but with nothing censored. While a WoW nude patch is fun, it's not good enough. So we made our own world, where sexual energy is used to cast spells and charge magic items. This leads to scenarios involving sucking, fucking, and masturbating. Sex is a big part of our world, but we are also very dedicated to the artistic and fantasy elements.

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